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How to Keep your French Dog clean?

French dogs are muscular dogs with a flat short coat and they are very friendly, gentle, outgoing, playful and intelligent. French dogs can also be very stubborn. They don’t talk much depending on their circumstance, they bark occasionally. French dogs have unique personalities and physical characteristics and they bring immense joy and happiness to their masters.

How to Keep your French Dog clean?

But, like any other breed, French dogs can develop an unpleasant odour if appropriate hygiene measures are not taken. If you own a French breed dog, it requires you to keep your dog smelling fresh and regular grooming is very essential.

In this article, we will provide you with seven essential steps to keep your furry animal and its environment odour free and pleasant.

Have a consistent Grooming Routine:

Grooming Routine is very important to keep your dogs clean and fresh. Establish a regular routine that comprises removal of loose hair and debris, this will prevent the accumulation of bacteria which causes bad odour. Use a brush which is specifically designed for your dog’s coat type, doesn’t matter if it’s long or short. Monitor their ears if there is build up of wax inside their ears, trim their nails regularly and clean their teeth.

Bathe your dog appropriately:

Have an aim to bathe your dog once every four to six weeks or however recommended by your veterinarian.It is crucial to avoid excessive bathing because it leaves their skin deprived of natural oils leading to dryness and other odour issues. Use a suitable shampoo for your dog’s skin type and breed and make sure it is a mild shampoo.

Make sure you thoroughly rinse the shampoo from their skin and leave no traces of shampoo behind because any residue left behind can cause skin irritation and unpleasant smell. Bathing your dog is an important part of strengthening their hygiene.

Keep their surroundings clean:

Vacuum, sweep and mop the house every day to remove their pet hair and other dirt. It is essential to keep your French dog’s environment and surroundings clean and neat as it plays a role in minimising odour associated with your French dogs.

How to Keep your French Dog clean?

Make sure you wash their bedding, blankets and toys often to eliminate any unwanted smells. Use pet – safe detergents and soaps also ensure that all the items and their surroundings are dry before you reintroduce them to your dog.

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Look out for their skin and coat health :

To promote a shiny and odour free coat it requires proper nutrition and regular care. The condition of your dog’s skin and coat has a big impact on their odour. Make sure you consult their veterinarian frequently to determine the best diet for your dog’s breed and individual needs. Also, consider including omega-3 fatty acid supplements, as they improve skin health and reduce odour.

Keep a track on their Diet and Digestive health:

It is essential that your dog should have a well balanced diet that suits their specific breed and dietary requirements. Your dog’s diet can influence and also has an impact on your dog’s  odour. Make sure that you don’t feed your dog any scrap or unknown foods that can cause gastrointestinal upset.

How to Keep your French Dog clean?

If you see that your dog is experiencing any digestive issues or abnormal odours it is a sign that you consult your veterinarian immediately for further evaluation and appropriate dietary recommendations.

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Maintain Oral health of your Dog:

Use a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs to brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis. Dental hygiene is ignored most of the time but it is very important for preventing bad breath and unpleasant odours. Provide them with appropriate dental chews or toys that help reduce build up of bacteria and promote oral health. Frequently Schedule dental check ups with your veterinarian to address any dental issues.

Consult a Veterinarian if Odour Persists:

If you have taken all the essential precautions  to keep your French dog’s clean and odour – free, but the odour still lingers or gets stronger, it could be a sign of underlying health problems.

How to Keep your French Dog clean?

Reach out to your veterinarian for a thorough examination. They can identify any potential medical conditions, such as skin infections or glandular disorders, and provide the appropriate treatment.


Regular grooming, suitable bathing methods, and attention to general cleanliness are all necessary to keep your dog smelling fresh . These crucial suggestions will help you keep your dear furry friend odour-free, allowing you to enjoy their enjoyable company to the fullest. Keep in mind that a clean and fresh-smelling dog is a happy and healthy dog.