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How to Prevent Dogs from Spilling Their Water Bowls?

 If you’re a dog owner, you might be disappointed to find your dog’s water bowl spilled all over the floor. Not only does this make a mess, but it also puts your furry friend without access to fresh water. Luckily, there are many effective strategies you can use to keep your dog from spilling his water bowl. In this article, we’ll look at some practical tips and techniques to keep your dog’s water out of sight and easily accessible.

How to stop a dog from spilling water bowl

Dogs are not only cute but mischievous too. They many a time due to various reasons spill water on the floor which is not only a bad habit but also makes the house untidy.

Are you also tired of coming home from work and stepping on a floor covered in water?
If yes, then here are some points to prevent dogs from spilling water on the floor:

Put a silicone mat under the bowl:

Using a silicon mat under the dog’s bowl make it at rest and prevent the dogs from spilling water. Try putting a silicone mat under your dog’s water bowl, to keep the water bowl in place. There are some great non-slip, water-proof floor mats for pets that are designed to keep bowls in place, make cleaning up easier, and stop water and food from getting on your floors. Put the water bowl in a spot where it’s less likely to be accidentally bumped or knocked over. Choose a flat and stable surface, away from high-traffic areas or areas where your dog frequently plays.

How to stop a dog from spilling water bowl

Training and behavior modification: If your dog is intentionally knocking over the water bowl or playing with it, you can use positive reinforcement training techniques to stop this behavior. Whenever your dog approaches the water bowl calmly or drinks without spilling, reward them with praise, treats, or a favorite toy. Conversely, if they start pawing or pushing the bowl, redirect their attention to a more appropriate activity and withhold rewards. This will be more effective and convenient.

Spend time with your dog each day. A dog may turn over its water bowl to signal that they are bored or lonely. Make sure you spend adequate time with your pet each day. Take your dog for walks, pet or brush them, throw a ball for them, or play tug of war or another game with them. If your dog is happy and satisfied, they may stop knocking over their water bowl. Playing and giving your dog your time and attention will prevent dogs from spilling water.

Keep the Bowl Clean: Many dogs often eat only clean and hygienic food and water. If your dog’s water bowl has bits of kibble at the bottom, your dog may knock the bowl over to get to the food. Keep your dog’s water bowl clean so food isn’t a temptation.
Your dog may also be turning the water bowl over simply because it’s dirty. Dirty dog bowls grow bacteria pretty quickly, which isn’t healthy for your dog. Wash your dog’s bowl with mild soap and water every day. Keep the water in their bowl clean so they always have access to clean water.

Give your dog toys to play with: Some dogs tip their water bowl and play with their drinking water because they’re bored or want attention. Make sure your dog has things to keep him/her busy. You can give your dog a Kong or a puzzle toy to play with. Try different toys to see which ones your dog likes best. To teach your dog not to tip over the water bowl, wait until things are calm and quiet at home. Put the bowl down for your dog and let him/her drink water. If your dog starts trying to tip the bowl, quietly take the bowl away and wait for a few minutes. Then start again by putting the bowl in front of your dog. Your dog will soon learn that tipping the bowl means the bowl is taken away.

Monitor water intake: Sometimes dogs may spill water because they are drinking too quickly or excessively. Ensure your dog has access to fresh water throughout the day but consider offering water in smaller amounts or more frequent intervals. Additionally, monitor their water intake and consult with your veterinarian if you have concerns about their drinking habits. You should be careful about the intake of water by your dogs.

Use a larger, heavier bowl:

How to stop a dog from spilling water bowl

opt for a larger and heavier water bowl so that it will be more difficult for your dog to knock over. Stainless steel or ceramic bowls tend to be heavier and more stable than plastic ones. It will resist the dripping of water on the floor and your dog will be tired after some time doing so.

Fill the water bowl only halfway:

Providing less water in the bowl can prevent your dog from turning the bowl over. However, you need to ensure your dog has constant access to fresh water, so fill the bowl halfway only if you will be home to refill the water bowl when necessary. Also, choose a water bowl that refills itself to a low level from a reservoir underneath the bowl. Filling water halfway will prevent the spilling of water.

Keep Your Dog Cool:

Your dog may not be knocking over the water bowl to misbehave. If your dog is overheated, they might dip their paws in the water or lay in the water to cool down. Your dog may be trying to absorb some of the coolness from the water if they’re knocking over their water bowl. To prevent this, make sure your dog isn’t too hot. Give them a nice, shaded spot in the backyard. Get a kiddie pool for your dog to play in so they aren’t tempted by the water bowl. You may also consider a cooling bed to keep them cool when it’s hot.

Supervision and management:

If you’re unable to directly supervise your dog’s interactions with the water bowl, consider using a crate or baby gate to confine them to a safe area where spills won’t cause damage. This will also allow you to monitor and intervene if necessary. This will also provide management to your dogs.

How to stop a dog from spilling water bowl

Dogs are like kids, if we treat them with care and attention, they are mature and well-behaved. Spilling water is a mistake done by them, so we should try to help them not to repeat the mistake instead of punishing them.

How to Prevent Dogs from Spilling Their Water Bowls

 1. Choosing the right bowl for your dog:

 Start by choosing the right bowl for your dog. Choose a heavy, sturdy bowl that won’t tip over easily. Ceramic or stainless steel bowls are good choices as they are more resistant than plastic bowls.

How to Prevent Dogs from Spilling Their Water Bowls

Also, choose a bowl with a wider bottom for better stability and protection against accidental spills.

  2. Proper bowl placement in the house:

 Think about where to put your dog’s water bowl. Do not place in high-traffic areas or near areas where dogs tend to be active. This maximizes the chance of hitting it or tipping the bowl over. Instead, find a quiet corner or place against a wall where the bowl can be less disturbed.

3. Placing non-slip mats under the bowl:

 Place a non-slip mat or tray under the bucket for added stability.

How to Prevent Dogs from Spilling Their Water Bowls

This prevents the bowl from slipping on smooth surfaces and minimizes the risk of the bowl bouncing due to your dog’s enthusiasm or accidental nudges.

 4. Raised bowl stand:

Using an elevated bowl stand can be an effective solution, especially for large breeds or dogs with neck or joint problems.

Prevent Dogs from Spilling Their Water Bowls

A high bowl not only improves posture while drinking but also makes it more difficult for your dog to overturn the bowl. This will greatly reduce the chance of water spills.

 5. Restricted Water Level in the bowl:

 Do not fill the water bowl completely. Instead, fill it with water to the level that suits your dog’s size and needs. Lowering the water level reduces the amount of water that can spill out if the bowl is accidentally tipped over.

How to Prevent Dogs from Spilling Their Water Bowls

You can also try slow water dispensers that fill the bowls by itself to the accurate level.

 6. Education and Positive Reinforcement:

 Teach your dog to associate correct behavior with a bowl of water. Encourage them to approach the bowl calmly and reward them with treats or praise for their gentle drinking habits.

Prevent Dogs from Spilling Their Water Bowls

Consistency is key, so be patient and reward your dog whenever he exhibits good behavior around his water bowl. 

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 7. Regular Breaks and Exercise:

 If your dog spills their water out of boredom or excess energy, make sure they have regular exercise and mental stimulation. Engaging in physical activities or providing different toys can help alleviate their restlessness and reduce the chances of them playing with or knocking over the water bowl. 


Preventing your dog from spilling its water bowl requires a combination of practical measures, proper training, and understanding your dog’s behavior. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can significantly reduce water spills and ensure your dog always has access to fresh drinking water.

Remember, a stable water bowl and the right placement, along with positive reinforcement, will go a long way in solving this issue and maintaining a cleaner and more convenient environment for both you and your beloved pet.