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How to stop dogs from biting other dogs’ legs?

Have you noticed your dog biting other dogs’ legs? Well, no need to worry for this is a common behavior portrayed by dogs, and it is completely normal as well. It could be because of multiple reasons, for example, maybe the dog breed itself is relatively aggressive in nature and so is more prone to behave in this manner.

How to stop dogs from biting other dogs' legs

It could be that the dogs are playing or fighting Or maybe biting the other dogs’ leg might be a way for your dog to assert dominance over the other. Whatever the reason might be, it could be alarming for the owner, seeing your dog act this way. To help with your concerns, listed below are some ways one can get a dog to stop biting other dogs’ legs.

Distracting the dog:

There are certain signs that might indicate when a dog is going to bite. These signs include, growling or snarling, when dogs show their teeth, when their body suddenly becomes stiff, or when they raise their fur. It is not necessary that the dog exhibits these signs, an attack is always unpredictable.

How to stop dogs from biting other dogs' legs

But, if you see your dog acting this way, or you see another dog approaching your dog and are afraid it might lead to a fight, then it would be best to distract your dog. You might carry a toy, or a treat for them with you, and in cases like this, you can use these things to direct their attention to other things.

In case you do not have a toy with you, you can clap or whistle to gain their attention. When you feel like your dog might bite the other dog, make sure to never take your hand near their mouth, because at that time the dog is in an aggressive state, and thus it might bite you too.

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Playing and exercising:

Regular exercising and opportunities to play will make the dog less likely to show aggression towards another dog. It will act like an alternative way to burn off the excess energy and fulfil their natural instinct to chase and retrieve, thus diminishing their instinct to bite other dogs. Interactive games, like playing fetch, or puzzle toys further help in mentally stimulating the dog. It engages the mind and prevents boredom.


Socializing is not just important for humans, but it is important for animals too. You can help your dog socialize by exposing it to different people, animals, and environments in a positive and controlled manner. Typically, this process of encouraging your dog to socialize with others should begin when the dog is still young, as older dogs might find it difficult to adjust with newer people and environments.

How to stop dogs from biting other dogs' legs

Also, if a puppy doesn’t socialize properly in its early ages, then growing up it could become fearful or anxious in the presence of others, and this could lead it to act out, and engage in aggressive behavior, which might be biting others. 

Obedience Training:

Obedience training is known to be one of the best proven methods to prevent your dog from biting others. Through this training you can teach your dog to obey simple commands and instructions, and thus you can teach them not to bite, or indulge in any other form of aggressive and unwanted behavior towards not just other dogs, but also other people.

It also helps in establishing a strong, understanding link between you and your dog. During obedience training, you can reward your dog with praise and treats. This form of positive reinforcement encourages positive behavior and growth. So instead of using harsh words or actions when your dog is not able to follow a command, use positive words when they do follow.

Hiring Professional Trainers:

Rather than training their dogs themselves, many people instead opt to hire a professional trainer. This might be one of the safer options to go with, because a trainer is an expert in dogs, and can easily understand their behavior patterns. They can figure out the underlying reason of your dog acting in a certain way and understand why the dog bites other dogs’ legs.

And thus, they can address the problem and help solve it. They provide the appropriate training required and also help you by sharing some tips and tricks, so you can handle your dog in public, in case such a situation arises. Although when choosing a trainer, it is of utmost importance that you make sure that your dog feels comfortable around the trainer and does not feel threatened by them. 

These were all some of the most common methods used that could help prevent your dog from biting other dogs’ legs. But, it is important that before trying to solve the issue, you should try to figure out the reason behind it. Why is your dog acting in this manner? If you don’t recognize the reason, and treat just the problem when it arises, chances are it may arise again and again. Therefore, it is necessary that you solve the problem from the root.